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Call tracking - is tracking the phone calls in order to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. This is a form of wiretapping, recording and accounting data. When an incoming call from a client call is automatically sent to the specified number, where all the data recorded on the parameters of the session and the source of traffic. Tracking of calls made on the same technology as in the web analytics systems, but in this case the material being processed are calls. Number Tracking involves the use of multiple phone numbers, all calls are forwarded to a single number. Securing is carried out as the sources of traffic (static method), and on the user's session (dynamic method). Each advertising medium indicates separate phone number so that the client can only call him, and then the system summarizes and compares the number of calls to each number, so figuring out which ads attract more customers.

Why a Call tracking?

• Objective assessment of the effectiveness of advertising channels.
• Control the number of missed calls and the analysis of recordings.
• Calculating the ROI.
• Effective direction of the budget towards the most effective advertising channels.
• measurement of material costs to attract customers in different ways.
• Creation of reports about the number of calls for each advertising channel.
• Calculation placement of advertising and its effectiveness.

What possibilities give the tracking number to marketers?

Previously, the scheme was adopted poklikovaya pay for advertising that does not made it possible to objectively calculate the cost of acquiring a customer, since it was a huge amount of "empty" clicks that do not lead to an order. The new system takes into account only the number of phone calls to make that much more difficult, therefore, the probability that the caller makes an order, much more. Moreover, you can easily calculate the number of orders for a particular advertising medium. With these capabilities, the tracking number gives the widest field to analyze the effectiveness of marketing investments and solutions for more rational use of funds for advertising.

What can you learn?

• From what and for how the phone rings.
• Was there a call received or missed.
• Call duration and call.
• Who called.
• On what was a call advertising channel.
• Full audio conversation.

How is the tracking number?

To track one advertising channel will be enough of one or VOIP DID numbers. All calls are recorded in the log, with records not only the duration, as in conventional cell phones, but also the conversation. But more often used multiple phone numbers - to compare the effectiveness of advertising channels. Each channel uses a separate phone number, which refers to a particular advertising medium. Operation at several rooms divided into stages.

1. Determine the number of advertising channels that you want to track.
2. Each channel is assigned an individual phone number.
3. On the site is a specific JavaScript code that remembers each visitor. All calls are forwarded to the Call-center, and the data fisiruyutsya and analyzed.


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