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Banks and companies

Banks and financial institutions are such organizations whose main focus of activity is the communication with customers. Therefore the inefficient organization of communications with the public leads to lower financial results or some other financial losses. Considering the advanced capabilities of communications and marketing techniques, namely telephone conversations play a crucial role in ensuring productive work of any company.

Calling debtors with an outstanding credit debt, negotiations with potential customers through "cold calls", research to find out the level of trust in the company - these are just a few problems faced by workers in banks. The best solution to improve the efficiency of the performance is the appeal to professionals that is to the contact center ContactCall, which is entrusted to a full or partial processing of incoming calls.

The external contact center for banks has the following opportunities:

·         Negotiations on hotline;

·         Consulting and informational support for the agents, partners, clients;

·         Telephone marketing, the bank services promotion, notification about new rates and deals;

·         Automated calls to the debtors;

·         Notification of next payment, expiration date of a contract etc;

·         Activation of IVR that helps to optimize the operators’ work;

·         Surveys, evaluation of the clients’ loyalty and service level;

·         Organization of the interim call center;

·         Other work with the clients.

Cooperation with the contact center ContactCall will free up manpower and increase the number of refunds from non-payers due to the debt collector skills of our operators. Years of experience and absolute business knowledge will help the ContactCall customers to increase sales of the banking products and get more customers’ loyalty.

Business Solutions for Insurance Companies

The automated call center for insurance companies helps to solve major communication problems such as: customer’s long waiting time on the line, inability to answer questions promptly, frequent switching between employees due to lack of competence.

ContactCall will not only eliminate all the above disadvantages of communication but also allows you to create general register of clients, database with complete information for each specific appeal.

The external contact center for insurance companies is represented by the following features:

·         Forwarding of the local calls to the hotline 8 800;

·         The appeals and complains registration;

·         Informational support and helpdesk when there is an insurance case;

·         Calls to the clients for various purposes: notifications on an agreement, information about deals;

·         Initial consultation on terms of insurance and routes to departments;

·         Outgoing calls, synergy of the business processes.


The contact center ContactCall operators provide 24 hours support to customers, eliminate potential human errors and allowing at times to increase the totals of the insurance company.

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