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Interactive Voice Response, or it is also called IVR, is not a new IT-service that is continuously improving and has become irreplaceable for many companies.  Its main task is to reduce time for calls and costs for staff wages. The Interactive Voice Response allows lowering the cost of each call as it is working on the existing clients’ database. When a client picks up phone the service is forwarding the call to the free operator of the contact center or to the prepared voice menu IVR.

Automatic calls improve the communication of the outgoing calls and significantly increase the productivity of the call center, hence the overall efficiency of the project. Automated outgoing calls make the clients’ informing easier and faster. And due to the use of interactive voice support one can completely eliminate spending on operators’ wages.

Why do you need service «interactive voice response»?

Who asks for the service Interactive Voice Response in the contact center ContactCall? Our clients are small and medium companies that have active communication with the customers and partners. You can inform about new promotions, discounts, to congratulate on a special date or to inform about changes of the contact information in a convenient and quick way using Interactive Voice Response.

Our contact center is making the pre-recorded voice message in accordance with the project requirements and rules for IVR creation. You can track the performance of IVR and assess the result by viewing the reports and also clients who contact you. Thus it is possible to get the customers who are very interested in your products/services for further communication.

Contact the ContactCall, if you need:

·         To make notifications;

·         To conduct telephone surveys;

·         To inform about renewals in your company;

·         To make an advertising campaign/promotion.

Using the service IVR you may refuse from manual dialing up the database for giving the duplicated information, it will allow not to waste time to hear “Busy” sounds and quickly move on to the next phone number.

The IVR allows increasing the speed of outgoing calls at 2-3 times. If during an average working day an operator can make up to 100 calls, the calls in IVR mode will increase up to 250-350 calls per 8 hours.

The advantage of the IVR is the centralized communication system that allows your company to spread the information to the clients at the maximum speed. To increase the work effectiveness the contact center ContactCall suggests also creation and updating databases.


To enhance the effect of the service use the creation and updating of databases. Please contact the manager in the call center ContactCall regarding the outgoing service IVR. 

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