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Establishment and organization of call center

Outsourcing Call is a service meaning the forwarding of incoming calls that come to you to the call center ContactCall operators. By using this service, you will save your line from overloads and ensure reception of 100% of the customers’ orders.

Contact center ContactCall developed the most interesting offer, which gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce the number of missed orders to a minimum. Using the outsourcing customer service your income will exceed expenses by more than 200%. The traffic of the incoming calls will now be forwarded to ContactCall operators who will not miss a single call and customers’ waiting time on the line will be minimal.

The contact center ContactCall developed a special offer for the taxi services. The essence of this proposal is to process the incoming calls that are exceeding the number of calls that your taxi service operators are able to handle.

 Taxi service organizes the forwarding of the calls that cannot be processed by its own manager (over limit) to our contact center ContactCall. The ContactCall specialists will be given logins to access the program and our trained operators are starting to take your orders 24/7/365..

Outsourcing of the calls works in such a way: the next incoming call goes to your line and if for a certain period of time was not taken by your operators it gets automatically forwarded to the operators of the ContactCall (different variants of communication are possible: landline and mobile, sip). After that the ContactCall contact center operators take a customer's order.

Using such service you will receive:

·         Guaranteed receiving of all incoming calls 24 hours, regardless weekends and holidays.

·         The client’s waiting time on the line will be reduced to a minimum

·         The quantity of the received calls and processed orders will increase several times.

·         The customers’ increased loyalty to your services.

·         The increased number of the regular clients.

Using the service "Outsourcing Call" you do not need to hire new operators to handle the increased number of incoming calls. Because when hiring a new employee your costs are increased by:

·         7-12 000 grivnas – 24 hours’ work mode

·         000 grivnas - 12 hours’ work mode

By the way the hired manager may take only 15 calls per day. Purchasing a package of processing 430 calls a month, you save greatly and in addition earn extra!

And also you can easily cope with quickly increased number of orders not only during the holidays, but also work efficiently and do not miss a single call at peak hours (morning, evening and night time, including Friday and Saturday). The outsourcing contact center ContactCall will help you deal with the overloads and will lead your company to the leadership in customers’ trust!


 To clarify the details of the service "Outsourcing Call", get an advice or to order the service, please contact the contact center ContactCall, and our specialists will find the most favorable offer for you!

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