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How to choose a freelance call center and not screw it up

Modern business is increasingly moving to outsourcing to optimize costs, minimize staffing, processes and other functions that invariably complicate business, require involvement and attention from top managers.

At present, there are available all kinds of outsourcing companies that can provide actual or remote support for the business. In this article we will look at the activities of call-centers and what to pay attention to, selecting the performer and passing on specific tasks to him.

What tasks can be outsourced

All that is associated with the processing of information and commercial telephone communications. There are the following areas of activity of outsourcing companies in the field of telemarketing:

Outgoing call

The most common service that includes warm and cold calls. Often bought to create and update customer base, as well as work with potential client audience.

But what about the operators of the outsourced call-center can call and offer the services of your company? - you ask, and the answer will be another factor for choosing a contractor: first of all, a good performer takes time to study the subject, to make up conversation scripts, which will be used for an expert conversation with clients.

Surveys and studies

Yes, even such a task can be transferred to call-centers. In professional outsourcing companies, for example, in ContactCall, there are telemarketers who help draw up the course of the dialogue to obtain the most extensive and accurate information base from the respondents.

Satisfaction Monitoring - Post-Sales Calling

Operators call customers to get feedback on the company's work, employees, satisfaction with the purchase or services rendered.

Handling Incoming Calls

Commercial, advertising - any that your company needs. For online stores, services - is receiving and processing calls from potential customers. For various directions of social, private and state organizations - the "hot line". Operators take calls, process and act according to a previously prepared scheme. This service is provided by ContactCall for a wide range of business in the B2C and B2B segment.

Correctly form goals
The right task is 50% success. Understanding or analyzing whether you need remote support for an outsourcing communications and telephony company, write down the following points:

  • call center functions, what tasks you want to transfer to an outsourcing company;
  • the duration of the cooperation;
  • Expected Result;
  • what budget you are counting on;
  • regions / countries of search;
  • communication languages.

You should have averaged list of tasks, volumes of work, expectations for expenses and economic benefits of switching to outsourcing, important nuances for making a more specific decision.

Analyzing candidates - what to look for when choosing
So, you have already asked friends, acquaintances, other businessmen, Google and made a list of potential outsourcing partners. How to start choosing a claimant for cooperation?


It would be relevant a few years ago, but today they should not be 100% trusted, since specially trained specialists work with reputation and arrange networks on the Internet, so that you fall for the false positive moods of pseudo clients. So from reviews we rely on friends and on the Internet - we divide by two.

How many years on the market

It is important. If two years or more is less likely to get into fraudsters and enlist the support of professionals who have been able to work for two or more years in the competitive market of outsourcing companies.

Signing a contract

We prescribe everything: the procedure for termination of the contract, mutual obligations, criteria for evaluating the result. If the company is loyal to the agreement - they are sure that they will be able to give you the desired result.

Otherwise, it is possible to add an opinion on the company's activities in a month after cooperation. Here it is already becoming clear: professionalism, return on investment, quality of services provided.

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