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A simple solution to complex tasks

Modern realities show that the successful promotion of the company is impossible without the use of the latest advanced techniques. Today, call center services are one of the most advanced tools to solve different business problems. Outsourcing contact centers provide technical support to customers, provide professional assistance in the creation of databases, market research and other relevant issues to deal with which their own businesses problematic.

According to statistics, companies that do not use such services, passed 40% of incoming calls, which means losing potential customers. Handing handling outsourced phone calls in a call center, you can be sure that all of the callers will be able to obtain the necessary information. It is proved that the level of sales and the influx of customers this increases tenfold. Today, contact centers are the best way to solve complex problems.

Business solutions from ContactCall

The work of each successful company painted literally by the minute, and from the well-organized cases depends on many things. Outsourcing call centers help to optimize the performance of enterprises. ContactCall - the undisputed leader among the companies. providing services call center at the highest European level. The Centre offers its clients professional solutions for various business sectors:
• manufacturers;
• distributors;
• banks and insurance companies;
• delivery services;
• tour operators;
• taxi services;
• providers of communication;
• Internet shops.


Consider the most popular services call-centre, offered ContactCall.
1. Hotline allows you to attract many customers and additional funds. The telephone number 8-800 is available from anywhere in the country at any time. The lack of charges for the call, no doubt motivated by potential customers to make a call.
2. Information Service - a real opportunity to get professional advice on the provision of services or information about the product. Operators comprehensively advise customers on all issues.
3. Telemarketing - the surest way to get a customer. He has more than 40 years has been used successfully in the United States and Western European countries. Active telephone sales at times reduce the cost of advertising products and allow the customer to place an order immediately.
4. Call Processing - services that help businesses cope with the huge number of calls. It is advisable to use such a service, if the staff can not physically respond to all subscribers and subsequently loses more revenue.
5. Updating and development of databases - the perfect way to confirm existing and obtain necessary additional information on a customer or partner.
6. Interviewing - a service that allows to quickly organize marketing research calls polls, questionnaires. This quick way to get acquainted with public opinion.
7. Presentation of an effective advertising course and technology to increase the customer base. The friendly advisors inform in detail the potential buyer of the product or service and by promoting the product.
8. Outsourcing - a new service that allows direct labor resources to more important tasks, reduce payroll and streamline the company's operations. All calls will be routed to the call center where the operator within the authority will inform the client.
Among the popular services contact center: virtual office, automatic telephone calls, IVR, Business sending voice messages, online consultant, direct number.

Advantages of cooperation with ContactCall

Quality services call centre are a reliable way to multiply capital. Cooperation with the call center will provide at no additional cost:
• successful implementation of projects of any complexity in the shortest possible time;
• a significant reduction in the cost of non-core activities;
• effective management of labor costs;
• Maintenance of a large number of subscribers;
• increase the number of potential customers through flawless service;
• reliable information about the real picture surveyed attitudes of the target audience;
• an increase in performance of the company and promote its brand.

The resources and capabilities of call centers in the telecommunications sector is incomparably higher than that of conventional core businesses. At the disposal of the contact center is a modern innovative equipment, multiple phone lines, a strong team of qualified consultants. Turning to the contact center ContactCall can be absolutely sure in the successful promotion of your business.


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