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Virtual office service

In a modern, interactive business environment, many small businesses do without a stationary office. This approach helps to rationally manage financial resources, ensure the proper level of service to customers and partners, and adapt business processes in accordance with the current economic situation. However, the lack of a stationary office at the company motivates partners and customers to relate to the reputation of the company with skepticism, not to see in it a reliable market participant.
The virtual office service effectively solves these problems, allowing you to take orders without time limits - 24/7, to maintain interactive communication with customers. The work of the virtual office is established on the basis of multi-channel telephone communication, subscribers call the line by an easily remembered number. This can be either the main phone of the organization or an additional one to which incoming calls will be forwarded.

Who is the service for?

The use of the "virtual office" service is relevant for enterprises, companies, organizations of various business profiles. The service involves the efficient processing of requests from numerous clients, facilitating the main work of company employees in such areas of activity:

  • banking, financial industry;
  • travel agencies, agencies;
  • online stores of various goods;
  • insurance companies;
  • sales departments of large enterprises;
  • trade networks;
  • advertising agencies.

The work of the virtual office is focused on the result - qualified, timely customer support, answers to questions, advice, conflict resolution, controversial situations. Effective interaction with customers increases loyalty to the company, improves its commercial image, increases customer confidence, and has a positive effect on the level of financial profit. The service allows the company's employees to concentrate on their tasks, freeing them of the need to handle incoming calls.


Service Benefits

A virtual office is a separate office space designed for collective use by several organizations. Simply put, the actual office address is common to several counterparties. The service involves the provision of services for processing correspondence, receiving incoming calls, renting premises for holding commercial meetings, negotiations and presentations. The advantages of the proposal are as follows:

  • the possibility of round-the-clock customer support, which allows you to efficiently handle all calls from customers, customers;
  • call center operators undergo training, therefore, have a sufficient level of competence to handle calls;
  • a virtual office allows you to save company funds by entrusting the processing of applications to experienced call center employees;
  • to maintain a stable, high-quality connection, a multi-channel number is provided that is easy to reach and get answers to your questions.

The service is in demand among small business representatives, it is of interest to young, newly established firms, new brands, who plan to gain the trust of customers in a short time and form a recognizable image in the market. Service involves reporting on the activities of the virtual office. The customer company receives a detailed report on the dynamics of the service, has the ability to monitor indicators of interest in order to improve the quality of service.



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