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What is more effective for telemarketing? Phone calls and instant messengers or SMS?

Nuances of using messengers

First of all, it is a more modern way to attract Central Asia. In the pros:

  • simplicity and speed of execution even in the conditions of a large contact database;
  • automation of the process (do not need to involve dozens of operators, as in telemarketing);
  • economic benefit. Mailing lists in messengers today are considered one of the most affordable tools in marketing;
  • the ability to attach multimedia to the main text to attract the attention of users.


However, the effectiveness of mailing suffers due to the inability to adapt to the mood and needs of the client. That is, the message contains standard information that the user may not accept or it will not attract him at a particular moment, and it will not be possible to quickly increase his interest.

The advantages of telemarketing by phone

To date, a call to the subscriber provides the greatest efficiency, as a way to go on direct communication. Based on this, the main advantage of telemarketing is baked: in the course of a lively conversation, the likelihood of understanding the client's problem, proposing a solution and interested in the offer is higher. That is, you can not just act on the script, but also slightly change the script of the conversation, shifting the attention of the interlocutor in the right direction.
Calls also allow you to accurately track the effectiveness of the event. You can immediately calculate the percentage of the target audience from the general database of numbers that you managed to contact and convey the essence of the proposal. If we compare it with the same mailing list to an e-mail address, where it is likely that the letter will simply go to the Spam folder and never be read, then telemarketing provides greater efficiency.
The popularity of the instant messengers speaks in favor of this method of increasing sales, no matter how strange it may sound. The level of info noise associated with calls has dropped significantly with the development of the Internet, and calls are becoming more "significant". People have already become accustomed to spam by mail or SMS, and incoming calls are perceived as something important, which increases the percentage of responses and the effectiveness of telemarketing.

Call Optimization Measures

Modern technology can improve the efficiency of telemarketing and make it more profitable.
Call centers use auto-dialing systems to save costs for operators. Modern technologies allow mass campaigns, connecting the manager only if the client picks up the phone.
The second way to improve the effectiveness of telemarketing is based on biometric voice recognition and the use of speech analytics. This approach allows you to accurately determine the emotional mood of the client, quickly select a convenient style of communication. As a result, you can increase sales by 15-20%.
Summing up, it can be noted that telemarketing is still one of the most popular tools to increase sales. Compared to the newsletter, calls and live communication provide greater effectiveness of the campaign to attract customers.


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