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SPIN - how to make a customer want to buy what you are selling?

SPIN sales are a universal method for the sale of goods and services, regardless of their specificity, profile, or purpose. The psychological technique of successful sales allows you to determine the needs of the buyer, and also creates the conditions for the client to make a conclusion about the need for a purchase. The principle of SPIN is based on an understanding of user behavior at the stage of doubt, selection and acquisition of products. The four letters of the abbreviation C, P, I, H denote the names of questions that the seller of the store asks a potential customer. The list of questions includes:


  • Situational, giving an idea of ​​the current situation and situation;
  • Problematic, helping to identify existing flaws;
  • Extracting, identifying the possible consequences of existing problems;
  • Guides that encourage you to take the decisive step - buy the proposed product.

Such a sequence is built by chance. It helps a potential customer more clearly and visually see the existing problems, think about the possible consequences and make a purchase decision, seeing the benefits and prospects of the proposal.
The technology based on the sequence of questions asked arose as a result of practical research aimed at analyzing sales transactions. When forming the method, the experience of companies from 23 countries was taken into account. The idea of ​​SPIN effective sales by phone and in stores belongs to the well-known worldwide marketer - Nick Rackham.


Situational issues

The search for potential partners begins with situational issues. If you use the SPIN scheme to implement tools or equipment, the dialogue with the client can begin with the topic: what equipment are your production sites equipped with, is there your own repair service, when was the equipment last upgraded?
The following examples of situational interrogative sentences are often given at trainings in the SPIN format:
What brands and types of equipment do you use?
How often does the repair service carry out equipment maintenance?
Are you comfortable with the work of existing equipment?
The received answers help determine the current situation, get arguments in favor of the sale of goods. The SPIN technique involves a minimum of situational issues in the dialogue process, but they should help determine the current situation.

Problematic issues

The sales method, based on the second in line - problematic issues, helps to identify difficulties, difficulties, problems of buyers. In the process of the SPIN dialogue, it is possible to find out the hidden needs of customers, what attracts them to solve situations, which, on the contrary, slows down this process. Examples of problematic topics in a dialogue with clients contain the following remarks:

  • How often do situations with unplanned equipment repairs occur?
  • Are you satisfied with the performance of the equipment?
  • Do you plan to increase sales by re-equipping production?

Knowing the requirements of customers in detail, you can significantly increase the efficiency of implementation. Try to focus not on sales of the services or goods offered, but on tasks that are related to solving existing problems. If you want to increase the turnover in the SPIN technique, help customers see with their own eyes the scale of the problem.


Extractive Questions

In the SPIN sales structure, extracting questions are considered the most powerful and effective tool for influencing the consumer audience. They suggest identifying the possible consequences of previously discovered problems. Retrieving SPIN replicas can have the following focus:

  • If your equipment requires operational difficulties, does this increase the number of preventative maintenance?
  • Does maintenance affect the increased downtime of a production hall or line?
  • What is the financial equivalent of time spent on maintenance of production equipment?

Using the SPIN sales technique, you can help the client realize the completeness and severity of the problem and lead him to the need to urgently solve it, absolutely without affecting his opinion.


Guiding Questions

SPIN sales method involves final - directing questions. They help highlight the benefits and usefulness of solving existing problems. By independently answering questions of the directing type, customers themselves convince themselves of the benefit of the purchase - this is the advantage of SPIN sales technology. The following key points of the dialogues can be cited as examples:

  • If you reduce equipment downtime, how much would your company win financially?
  • Would an easier maintenance equipment allow your staff to work more efficiently?
  • Would it be possible to minimize the likelihood of downtime with the new, modern equipment of the production site?

The actions based on the SPIN algorithm convince of the effectiveness not so much of the proposal for the sale of goods or services, but of solving the client's own tasks.


Benefits of Spin Technology

The technique is universal, does not need special adaptation and can be applied in the field of sales of any products and services.
SPIN technology helps to significantly increase sales based on an understanding of the needs and requirements of a specific category of customers.
The dialogue method does not cause psychological discomfort, tension, emotional stress.
SPIN effective sales help the seller identify their weaknesses in customer interactions.
Spin sales technology has been successfully used by managers in different countries. Using this technique, special education and training are conducted to help master the SPIN technique.


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