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The development of telemarketing in Ukraine

The development of telemarketing in Ukraine

Telemarketing is an effective, modern format of interaction with the client audience through telephone communications, based on innovative communication technologies and methods of working with large volumes of information databases for the purposes of constructive marketing. To put it simply, the concept of telemarketing in our country - Ukraine implies sales through the telephone, but this is only a small part of interaction with subscribers. The goal of telemarketing is direct contact with an interested or so far new audience through cold and hot calls, lead generation (search for buyers with a specific set of characteristics), regular ringing and the possibility of making effective dialogues to increase sales.
The primary condition for successful telemarketing is the ability to interact with customers in a positive and constructive way. During the telephone dialogue, the call center employee not only promotes the product or service, but also establishes contact with the subscriber to make successful transactions in the future, collects the necessary marketing information about the preferences and personal data of the subscriber.

The history of the creation of telemarketing in the world and Ukraine

As one of the sales tools, telemarketing appeared in the 1970s of the last century in Western Europe. Since its inception, this method of promoting goods and services almost immediately took the leadership championship, thanks to its optimal price, high performance and efficiency.
In Ukraine, telemarketing as a type of telephone services began to be practiced in the late 1990s, and now it is gaining its development, proving its effectiveness in the modern realities of the economy. Therefore, almost every network of online stores, supermarkets, and other objects of the service market have their own contact center - either on their own or on outsourcing terms. Operators serve clients by phone, expand the information base of customers, correspond to the information requests of the client audience.
The first call-centers in Ukraine, which arose in the late 1990s, were used as objects of mobile communications maintenance. Receiving calls from subscribers allowed to significantly increase the quality of mobile coverage, receiving information from subscribers, and increase sales.

Due to the dynamic, rapid growth of the sphere of IT-technologies, many commercial organizations, holdings and corporations have felt the vital need to attract call center-based outsourcing services for high-quality and efficient customer service by phone. And today the list of services provided by modern contact centers is not limited to a few points. Their competence includes:

  1. technical customer support via telephone;
  2. operational processing of incoming calls;
  3. customer base formation;
  4. conducting promotions, notifications of discounts;
  5. effective sales through telemarketing.
Improving communication systems contributes to the development of telemarketing in Ukraine, reduces the cost of outsourcing services and allows you to make each outgoing or incoming call the first step towards a successful transaction.
Today, it is possible to achieve a record turnovers in sales in Ukraine, including with the help of a competent telemarketing strategy. Combining the potential of the call center and the CRM-system (customer relationship management) allows you to create a personalized approach to dialogue. From the first minutes, the interlocutor feels goodwill and the chances of making a deal increase.
The period of the 2010s was key for the development of contact centers in Ukraine and telemarketing, in particular. Innovative communication technologies of operational and modern customer service have allowed the trade networks of various fields of activity to significantly expand the reach of the client audience, increase marketing efficiency, and make offers more customer-oriented.

The reasons for the popularity of telemarketing with companies in Ukraine

Individual customer involvement in the process of dialogue. This is especially clearly manifested when a client wants to hear a competent opinion from a telemarketing specialist and get a qualified answer to a question of interest.
Within the framework of telemarketing conducted in Ukraine, targeting is actively used - the process of choosing a client audience for certain sets of qualities: age, preferences, financial capabilities, gender.
Telemarketing methods in Ukraine are notable for their flexibility: during a conversation with a subscriber, basic adjustments can be made to make current adjustments by tracking the "return" of the audience, using several variations of the same offer.
Telemarketing methods allow you to quickly "measure" the audience response in the cities of Ukraine, take into account the positive and negative aspects of the proposal, timely adjust the marketing strategy.

In the field of telemarketing in Ukraine there are also negative sides. Operators may not have enough motivation understanding of their work due to low salaries. In addition, empty, ineffective calls negatively affect the emotional state of employees, reducing motivation and the level of efficiency.
Telemarketing is in demand in Ukraine in almost all business sectors and continues to gain rapid momentum in popularity. The growth in the number of call centers increases competition in this segment of telecommunications services, reduces their cost and stimulates further improvement of the quality of customer service in Ukraine.


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