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Psychological techniques and secrets of sales by phone

Telephone sales or in another way telemarketing is a popular technique in business development and in increasing the target audience. You can find customers for virtually any product or service. And unlike other ways of advertising, including video or ads in the media, sales by telephone are more effective. However, their success is directly dependent on proper organization. Competent operators use not only the classic scenarios of building a dialogue, but additional psychological techniques to increase the effectiveness of sales by telephone.

Preparatory work

For successful sales of the phone you need to accurately navigate the offer. The operator is required to navigate in the specifics of the company's business, features of the product or service that it offers to the client. Awareness of the manager is perceived a priori by the interlocutor as competence, has confidence, allows you to get comprehensive answers to questions.
Before starting a telephone call, it is important to study information about the counterpart: the name of his company, the name of the contact person or person responsible for making decisions.

3 rules of negotiation

Technique of sales by phone is slightly different from the principle on which cooperation in the offline store is based. Without seeing the interlocutor and not being able to demonstrate the product visually, it is more difficult to enter into trust, to customize the purchase. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to adhere to the 3 basic rules:


  • Good knowledge of the customer and the benefits of their own offer.
  • Conduct lively conversation, call the interlocutor to the dialogue.
  • Be polite, radiate enthusiasm. A person with a moderately excited voice, with a hint of a smile (it is felt even on the phone) is conducive to communication, is of interest.


It is also important to be able to speak competently. In call centers, operators without speech defects are accepted who are capable of properly building a conversation. However, these 3 rules are not enough for successful sales by phone, so psychology is sure to connect. There are several techniques that call center operators use.

Psychological secrets

To attract the interlocutor and to induce him to act is the main goal of sales by telephone. To achieve this result, operators resort to psychology. For active sales by phone, resort to the following methods:


  • Exclude patterns. When compiling scripts cold calls should avoid standard phrases. An individual approach to the development of each dialogue scenario will lead to the awakening of interest in the interlocutor. When compiling the script, it is important to assume possible answers and questions, to work out phrases for further involvement in the conversation.
  • Radiate confidence. When presenting the subject of sale, it is important to avoid notes of doubt or hesitation in the conversation. Confidence gives a clear understanding of the benefits of the product, which in turn convinces the customer of the uniqueness of the offer. You need to talk concisely, adhering to the subject of the proposal.
  • They know how to listen. In sales by phone, it is important not only to present your proposal, you need to build an interesting dialogue, hear the client, answer his questions, adhering to the script. You can assess the quality of communication by who spoke how much. If the conversation was conducted by 50/50 both interlocutors - this is a good dialogue.
  • Play intonation. When talking, it is important to avoid monotonous or accelerated pace of communication. This will lead to the fact that the client has the impression that the manager is bored or wants to hang up as soon as possible. Do not overly operate on complex terms. Talking on the phone should be easy, interesting, but carry the main goal: the implementation of the sale.


Set the time (time) for re-call. With proper preparation and maintenance of the primary dialogue, the client agrees to consider the proposal. At this stage, it is worth using a psychological technique that causes an obligation to the interlocutor: set the date or time of the second call to find out the result. It is important to consider the convenience of these terms. That is, to discuss the most favorable period so that the client is free to talk.

To provide such a competent and subtle approach can only an experienced performer. In Ukraine, you can order the service from ContactCall. Telemarketing delivers on terms of outsourcing. ContactCall fully ensures the implementation of this process: it provides equipment, communication, personnel, setting tasks and developing conversation scripts. Unlike telemarketing on the terms of outstaffing, the customer's company is completely free from organizational troubles and pays exclusively for the result done.


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