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Direct number, as an additional service

Direct number as an additional service to the contact center

In whatever segment of the market your company, organization or company works, one of the priority directions of activity will certainly be the expansion of the market, the opening of branches and outlets in other cities. To maintain a high level of communication between the departments of the company, employees and customers located in different locations, you will need a service - a direct telephone number.
Such a service provided by a call center as part of outsourcing has several tangible positive features for a business:

  1. no need to rent an additional office;
  2. the ability to quickly recruit and conduct training for new employees;
  3. cost savings on the installation of additional equipment;
  4. lack of territorial "dependence".

Modern contact centers offer a profitable buy service - a direct telephone number and significantly improve communication within the company. It is considered an integral element of a successful, modern business. With it, the client will not be "tied" to the office in his village. Thanks to this service, the ability to make and receive calls as quickly as possible, regardless of your location, is realized. A direct convenient telephone (landline or mobile) can be connected by both companies and individuals - without restrictions. The staff of the contact center will help you choose the best service rate at the cost and conditions and make an unlimited number of calls.


When does it make sense to connect a direct phone number?

The successful commercial activity of the company is inextricably linked with the excellent quality of telephone communications, the availability of a hot line and a direct number. If your company or organization is just starting its activity and has no experience, then you should use the service of direct memorable number to promote and efficiently promote it.
Employees of the contact telecommunication center will help you choose a number from a simple combination of numbers that will not cause difficulties for subscribers to remember. Direct virtual phone will help to create comfortable conditions for interaction with customers through the phone.

There are several significant reasons that make renting or purchasing a direct format room vital:

  • The company's desire to become popular, to win loyalty from customers and partners. When connecting direct numbers, it would be preferable if you select a city code that is native to the customer. As practical experience shows, business partners have a greater level of trust in organizations from their city
  • The presence of a direct easily memorable number reduces the cost of maintaining units in other cities, where it is often necessary to call several times a knock. Direct numbers can significantly save on the content of the branches.
  • Direct number makes customer service by telephone more convenient and mobile, increasing their trust and loyalty.

For a large company with several divisions or branches in different cities, it is more expedient to establish not one straight line, but several such numbers. This ensures maximum efficiency of communication with subscribers by phone.
Among the important points that need to be taken into account when choosing the service in question, in the direct telephone you can indicate the code of the settlement where you plan to open a branch of your company. Along with this service it is also advisable to order a service - a virtual office. He assumes that the call center employees will receive and process calls. Operators who thoroughly understand the nuances of telephone service, promptly process incoming calls, provide expert advice.
By ordering the direct phone number service, you will certainly appreciate its advantages in practice. With the help of this service, it is possible to bring telephone communication to a new level - fast, convenient and inexpensive. To clarify the conditions of service order, contact the contact center and discover the service that is used by millions of companies around the world.



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