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Preparing the operator for a cold call

Cold phone call - these three "cold" words contain both the operator's fear and its great capabilities. The cold calling of unfamiliar subscribers, who are mostly wary and cautious of new commercial offers, is a real challenge even for experienced call center operators making calls.
Considering the sphere of successful cold phone calls, the first impression of the interlocutor from communicating with the operator occupies an important place. In the first seconds of a call, the subscriber has a desire or unwillingness to continue the conversation, listen to information from the product / service, and agree to a personal meeting after the call.
Regardless of whether you make cold calls (calls) or call "hot" numbers, the interlocutor's first impression is made up of two factors: 85% is the tone of the voice (cold or warm), confidence, emotional interest, and 15% is information provided by the operator. In the field of cold effective calls, it is especially important how pleasant and confident your voice sounds, how kindly you talk, how much you yourself are involved in the dialogue without acting on autopilot.

Emotional preparation for cold calls

So that every time you mention a cold, chilling call, you do not panic, stupor and numbness, pay attention to the psychological preparation for the call.
Tune in to a "positive wave." The attitude towards all subscribers should be friendly, without aggression and pressure. Before making cold calls, imagine the most disastrous dialogue possible. Having lost the situation of making a call in your mind, it will be easier for you to perceive in practice attacks of aggression and hostility on the part of clients during a "cold" dialogue.
Make cold calls in a good mood. A smile on his face, a soft but clear voice, like a warm sun, will melt the ice of customer relations during a call. Remember how unpleasant it is to communicate with sad and sad people. Do not be so during a call!
Maintain a warm relationship with family and friends. Knowing that you have a reliable rear, it is easier to cope with professional tasks. Therefore, treat your relatives and friends with attention and care, their support will give you confidence and strength. And they are so necessary for making cold successful calls.
The beginning of a cold call should be preceded by good, positive points. A positive attitude will help to maintain a cup of not cold, but hot tea or coffee, memories of pleasant situations, and even a little meditation. It will calm the mind, purify it, make it clear, and thoughts - fresh.
Trust yourself. No matter how difficult the cold calls seem, be sure that you will overcome problem situations. If at your mention of a cold call your mind whirls like - I won't manage, I'm scared, I never did this, mentally tell yourself a convincing phrase. "Whatever happens, I will overcome it, as I have overcome difficult situations before. I trust myself! "
The emotional state of the manager in the field of "cold" conversations and calls with subscribers is also affected by information preparation. The better and more detailed the operator knows call scripts, the more productive and efficient his work will be, the more confident his voice will be. In order to avoid getting lost in answers every time you dial a cold number, combine several cold call scripts, conduct a dialogue clearly, confidently, in a positive, constructive manner.
Contact Call Contact Center operators have extensive practical experience in making cold, efficient calls. Emotional resistance to stressful situations, building "cold" conversations in a positive way, and high professionalism help make cold calls an effective sales tool. To order this service and discuss areas of further cooperation on cold calls, please contact us by phone: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +38 050 395 77 75.


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