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Benefits and Goals of Telephone Marketing

Telephone marketing is nothing more than another advertising tool and method of sales. It allows you to save on business organization. By resorting to telemarketing, sellers have the ability to quickly find customers, and buyers reduce the energy costs of finding a product. This tool includes various ways to interact with the consumer: calls, sending voice messages.

Types of telephone marketing

There are only 2 of them: incoming and outgoing. In the first case, buyers call. To organize the incoming telemarketing, it is important to pre-organize high-quality direct advertising. Usually the peak of activity comes after the filing of a promotional message or video (if the video was launched on television), in the first 10 minutes.
Outbound telephone marketing involves calling potential customers. At this stage it is important to professionally approach the organization of the process. Communication between operators should be easy to read, concise, interesting, answer all customer questions.

Work specifics
The service is provided by special companies - contact centers. When ordering cooperation operators must be trained. They study the specifics of the client's business and company, the characteristics of the product or service to be sold.
In order to freely operate on the information and advantages of a specific offer, operators form a special conversation model - a script. At this stage, in collaboration with the customer, a dialogue script is compiled. Its goal is to create a positive impression of a product or company, stimulation to take action - order a product / service of the company.
Calling is carried out on the basis of customers, which is pre-compiled on the basis of perfect cold calls.

Goals of telephone marketing

By its persuasiveness, this technique is not inferior to ordinary offline sales. Telephone communication is able to provide full contact to the interlocutors (provided that the operator is involved and the recorded advertising message is not used). The buyer can ask questions, receive capacious answers.

According to statistics, telemarketing surpasses the number of advertisements in mass media in the number of responses. The objectives of this event include:


  • report to customers the necessary information about the product or company;
  • the formation of loyalty among the target audience;
  • increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • selection of a segment of interested consumers;
  • identifying statistics, reporting active sales to predict customer behavior, drawing up an effective strategy.


Telephone marketing helps to increase the firm's revenue. It is aimed at expanding the market segment, attracting active Central Asia.

Advantages of telephone marketing

The advantage of this sales tool in the first place is the speed of execution. In order to contact potential buyers it is enough to dial a phone number and build a dialogue. The advantages should also include:


  • efficiency. Live communication contributes to sales growth, allows you to fully satisfy the interest of the client, to answer all the questions;
  • the ability to quickly turn off the conversation, if the consumer is not configured to purchase or order, without wasting time;
  • large coverage of the target audience. Typically, a database of phone numbers for marketing includes hundreds of contacts;
  • high performance in comparison with videos or social advertising.


The advantages also include simplicity and convenience of work organization. Telephone marketing requires only communication equipment and operators, communication. The quicker and most convenient way to organize work is to transfer this function to outstaffing or to outsource the call center. In the first case, the employee-operators are removed from the state of the company to the subordination of a third-party company, but the tasks are put by the former employer. With outsourcing, all functions are delegated to the service provider. He also sets tasks for operators, a contract is concluded with the client.

Despite significant advantages, telephone marketing has its drawbacks. Customers calls are regarded as annoying. However, this fact only confirms the effectiveness of telephone marketing, as a tool for direct communication with the target audience. And still it is the most effective way to increase sales.
In Ukraine, the service can be ordered in the performance of the ContactCall outsourcing center. The company is engaged in providing work and performing telemarketing tasks on a professional level, cooperating with enterprises of various forms of ownership and specialization.


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