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The call center operator at home - the pros and cons

Decision of organizational issues

Call center employees are responsible for making outgoing calls or answering incoming calls. During the conversation, the operator must interest the client, stimulate the order or purchase. If an incoming call is served, then the call center employee must provide detailed information on the subscriber's request, advise on the issues raised and help solve the problem.
When organizing the work of the operator at home should also provide several important points:

  • keeping silence in the room;
  • PC;
  • availability of high-speed stable Internet.


To perform all the duties required special software and equipment (headset with microphone). The program or application for telephony can be downloaded and installed according to the instructions. The whole process of setting up the work of the operator in the call center at home is overseen by the coach (remotely). Provided scripts and conversation scripts that are easily remembered during customer service. There is nothing specific or complex technical requirements in this task, but there are nuances.

Benefits of working at home

Not only for the staff, but also for the call center itself, the transfer of operators to remote collaboration also has its advantages. The main one is saving on work organization. Eliminates the need to search for premises, the cost of purchasing or renting equipment and furniture; it is possible to reduce the cost of taxes; You can expand the staff to the desired volume, without worrying about the number of seats in the office.

  • For operators, the benefits of working from home are as follows:
  • saving time and money: you do not need to spend them on travel to work and back;
  • convenience: suitable for people with disabilities or those who, due to their state of health or due to the specifics of their main employment, cannot go to the office for a part-time job;
  • the ability to adjust the schedule of shifts or "go to work" after hours;
  • psychological comfort.


The advantages include the possibility of combining several tasks. For example, for freelancers, being a call center operator can be another source of income along with other ways to make money.

The disadvantages of remote employment

The disadvantages of the work of operators at home for the call center are expressed in the fact that there is no possibility of constant control over the employees, which may suffer efficiency. It is also inconvenient to promptly resolve technical issues, if any.
For the call center operator, the disadvantages of remote collaboration are expressed in 2 main points:
the inability to get operational advice from other operators when solving an atypical issue or technical problems;
high demands on self-organization.

It is worth being prepared for the fact that even at a distance you should keep to the schedule and regularly "go to shift", and the routine can manifest itself even more due to the lack of colleagues and the animation of the team.
Summing up, it is worth noting that work in a call center at home is indeed characterized by certain specific features. There are also disadvantages and advantages of remote cooperation for the operator and the company. However, this format for building a workflow is quite popular and, with the right approach to the organization, is able to demonstrate high efficiency.

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