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Motivation of call center employees

Effective methods of motivation

There are at least 5 effective ways to increase the interest of call center employees:


  • Monetary.
  • The system of bonuses and rewards.
  • Optimized work schedule.
  • Recognition of labor operators.
  • Mentoring.

Consider each method in more detail.


Money motivation

Premiums for fulfilling or overfulfilling the plan, or a percentage of sales, will significantly increase employee interest. However, building a money motivation system is based on a simple and transparent KPI system:


  • accounting of the number of served calls;
  • adherence to the schedule;
  • time use efficiency at work;
  • following scripts and scripts, etc.

You also need to provide for the possibility of comparing the achievements and results of each employee with colleagues. There are special accounting programs that will help to set up the system and monitor important KPIs.


Motivation through rewards

Pleasant bonuses like movie tickets or shows, spa coupons or a small gift certificate to the online store is a versatile and effective way to motivate company employees.
A good promotion may be the opportunity to undergo training to improve professional growth.
Workflow optimization
It is necessary to build shifts with the possibility of employment before lunch or after, and not just for a full day. Call-center is a popular way of working for students who are comfortable in their free time. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of vacation for a session or sudden illness, etc.
That is, a flexible schedule will increase employee loyalty to the call center itself, serve as a motivation for employment and cause to stay longer in the workplace.

Promotion through recognition

It is important for the employer to inform the employees that they appreciate their work, and the task that they perform is really important, noticeable. As a motivation, you can use customer reviews, a newsletter mentioning the names of the "leaders" of the team, examples of the best phone calls or successful written communications.
So you can not only demonstrate to employees that their work is noticeable and appreciated, but also encourage other operators to increase their achievements. And successful examples of communication can serve as material for staff training.

Motivation through mentoring

It is important for staff to provide short training opportunities. It is not necessary to hire a coach, a "old-timer" team or an operator with high KPI rates can act as a mentor.
In addition, do not forget about the microclimate in the team. Periodic corporate parties, the organization of joint recreation (going to a bowling alley, picnic, etc.) will not only dilute the everyday routine, but also give a charge of positive emotions to the employees. However, it is important to maintain a balance between material and non-material motivation. In order to increase the efficiency of the work of the call center employees, it is necessary to regularly use different methods, combine them and alternate in the staff reward system.


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