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The most common myths about call centers

Myths about the work of call centers walks quite a few. And, despite the fact that the popularity of this service in Ukraine is growing every day, and in the West it has been successfully used for many years, there are still many who do not believe in the benefits of the service. It is worth considering the most common myths. This is the only way to objectively evaluate their truthfulness or dispel ridiculous speculation, and at the same time understand the advantages that call centers provide to business.

Myth 1: Indifference to customers

There is an opinion that call centers don't care about consumer problems and operators get standard answers. By no means. From the moment the operator takes the call, the solution to the client's problem becomes a priority, because this is the only way to increase the loyalty of the target audience to a particular company and its products / services. In turn, this helps to increase business profitability.

Myth 2: recruit inexperienced people for a short time

For some reason, it is believed that only students can work in call centers, and then, in their free time. In fact, people of different ages work in call centers, and such employment has been their main job for several years.

Employees of call centers must undergo training and regularly improve their skills. This is necessary in order to competently possess the information of the industry that the structure serves.

For the ultimate destruction of the myth, it is worth mentioning that the operators are subject to rigorous selection. People with speech defects, strong accent, low communication skills are not accepted to work.

Myth 3: To organize and maintain a contact center is expensive

Partly true. Indeed, as the myth says, to organize and organize the work of the call center at the proper level requires a lot of resources: material and temporary. It is necessary to purchase modern high-quality equipment, hire and train staff, install software and allocate space to house the department. However, you can always go a faster and more profitable way: resort to outsourcing.

In this case, the functions of the call center are transferred to an outside contractor - the company that provides this service. It is she who provides the workflow with all the necessary resources: equipment, personnel.

 Another way to organize the work of the contact center is to transfer it to outstaffing. This method includes the withdrawal of employees from the official state of the enterprise (tax savings in the first place are ensured). The employer's staff changes, but the operators set the duties and tasks of the former.

Myth 4: Unjustified expenditure

Also not true. Contact centers, on the contrary, help to reduce the cost of doing business. Their work is aimed at retaining customers, increasing loyalty of the target audience, prolonging contracts or cooperation. That is, the company will need to invest less in advertising and attracting consumers, which provides significant cost savings when there is an active customer base. Myth is destroyed.

It is important that the company does not spend money on maintaining a call center whose work is performed on an outsourced basis. Payment is made only for the work actually performed - the received call. How much it can cost depends on the contact center rates.

Summing up, it is worth noting that there may actually be more myths. However, the fact remains indisputable - the demand for call center services is growing. This means that their work is justified by a positive result. Therefore, if the firm does not have its own department with operators, and there is a decline in business, then it is worth ordering the services of the contact center on the terms of outsourcing. So with a minimum of costs and hassle can effectively increase the profitability of the enterprise.


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