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Call centers in the era of instant messengers

The familiar sound signals of popular instant messengers: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber with a polyphonic melody fill the days of each of us. By sending and receiving messages, it is possible to solve working issues, make appointments, get acquainted with promotions, communicate with friends, relatives, colleagues.
Catching and supporting this trend of the era of "the rule of messengers", many companies, retail chains, online stores are gradually moving from telephone communication with customers to other communication channels. In commercial activities, the use of instant messengers allows you to:

  • operatively solve work issues;
  • Do not print messages, but send them in a voice form;
  • arrange chat meetings;
  • negotiate online.
Increasingly, smartphones and gadgets are not used for ordinary phone calls, but for correspondence - this is fast, modern, easy and does not distract from the usual rhythm of life.

Key Telemarketing Trends

However, despite the obvious superiority of communication through instant messengers, telemarketing in Ukraine is experiencing a new wave of popularity. Due to the fact that most companies communicate with customers through Viber, Telegram, the level of "information noise" associated with calls is gradually falling. Customers have a legitimate feeling that if they are phoned with a commercial or advertising offer, then the caller is interested in a positive response from the client and his opinion. Therefore, subscribers with great desire and interest get acquainted with the information by phone.
There are two striking trends in the development of telemarketing:

Technological component. Many call centers reduce the cost of operators by introducing automatic dialer systems in the contact center. They help to conduct large-scale calls and connect operators only when the subscriber picks up the phone. As a result, the productivity of call center operators increases, and dialers become 2.5-3 times larger. In addition, systems include biometric voice recognition and speech analytics. As a result, it is possible to determine the emotional state of the subscriber and build a dialogue based on this.
New methods of building a conversation. Reality dictates that successful sales require a new supply of material. If before customers could be attracted with "chips": the goods come at a discount, we offer free shipping, take advantage of the best offer. Today, customers come in for lively, warm, human communication, the so-called storytelling. The dialogue is based on a story about the company's activities, questions to customers about their needs and requests, and then, based on the responses received, the manager proceeds to the commercial proposal.
The main requirements for telemarketing are as follows:

  • Messages to customers should be as personalized as possible;
  • Managers should be guided in customer order histories;
  • scripting scheme should be based, first of all, on the identification of needs.
Statistics on the use of telemarketing and call center services to promote goods and services shows that more than 80% of companies still use the phone as an effective means of communication. Of course, messengers come on their heels, but text messaging does not replace live communication, so you should not write off the phone from the accounts of effective means of communication.
Introduce modern methods of telemarketing, make customer calls, process calls, organize hotlines - these and other services are offered by the Contact Call call center. To discuss the details and prospects of cooperation, call us by phone: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +38 050 395 77 75.


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