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Call center for small and medium businesses

Any business, whether small and large, constantly having to deal with two types of problems: internal and external. The irony lies in the fact that representatives of both small businesses and medium size companies have in this fight to rely solely on internal resources, which are limited. The worst scenario for these companies is the general decline in sales on the market - in this case, no marketing tricks do not help, and you have to spend all strategic reserves and reduce costs.
Tighten their belts
Cost reduction occurs at all about the same. First, cut down costs, such as office supplies, insurance, reduced office and warehouse space. After that, fired "creative" professionals, marketers, recruiters, and then turn comes to hotels logistics and accounting. Division active sales at the same time is a kind of "untouchable sacred cow." But there are situations when the founders and directors, especially for medium-sized businesses, are faced with a choice: cut the sales department and try to survive or to die companies. Usually, after such a sale fall through step further: human relationships between salespeople and zakupologom play an important role. It would seem that in this situation, it remains only to exhale and wait whether the company will survive the storm or not. However, there is a way that even at this stage there is a chance to begin to increase sales, expand its customer base and grow.
Outsourcing of Sales
How to increase sales when everything falls? The solution is elementary, like all brilliant - you need to increase the customer base. But you just cut sales and the remaining managers can not cope even with the existing incoming calls! What if part of the call to give to outsource the call center? Its staff will be able to do incredible work to which never reach his hands always busy prodazhnika:
• Make telephone calls potential customers;
• Conduct a presentation of a product or service over the phone;
• Create a database of interested buyers;
Also you can throw such a center portion of incoming calls. Its staff will be able to request to consult, to act as a "hot line".
If, however, the main activity is the online store, with a similar outsourcing company will be able to significantly reduce its costs of staff - from sales and consultations can be eliminated completely.
What are the results? Increased customer base and effective interaction with customers - this is an excellent prerequisite for increasing revenue. Despite the competition, and missed first trimester market.

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