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Automated customer calls - cost optimization

The work of call-centers of large companies is a streamlined mechanism that uses instructions for various situations. However, such a format can also fail on days of high workload, when there is a need to convey typical information to the many thousands of client base. In addition, the need to return and re-call those who did not answer earlier, also takes time and deviates from the direction of movement of the work.

To optimize the work of call-centers, an automatic dialing system has been created.

Types of car calls

Conventionally, there are two of them:

Auto call does not imply a conversation.
The message is pre-recorded on the media and repeated for the client. Used to deliver a typical message to a large list of contacts. Such telephone calls do not imply feedback, must contain a fairly short meaningful message.

Often, this form is used for notification of debt surveys.

Automatic call to a group of contacts.
In this case, it means “live” conversation with the operator. The scheme is as follows:

  • Create a separate contact list for calls.
  • A special program is connected to make automatic calls.
  • The system makes serial calls.
  • After the contact is established, the system selects a free operator, at the same time issuing a user card with all the necessary information and task.
  • After solving the required questions, the conversation ends and the chain from point 3 is repeated.

Benefits of Auto Dial

  • increase in telemarketing department performance on making and processing calls;
  • automation of "cold" and "hot" calls;
  • uniform distribution of the load on employees;
  • storage of important and necessary information about the client, his history and additional information that may be required during a conversation, are available immediately when contact is established;
  • ease of use of the system: most of the software, like Contact-Call, are designed with user experience in mind. Remain clear and easy to learn.

If we talk about automatic dial-up of customers without a subsequent conversation, here too there are enough advantages:

  • savings - the service is cheaper than attracting a group of operators to handle hundreds of contacts;
  • universality - it is possible to notify the customer base from any sphere: debt, stocks, special offers, etc.
  • But there is a significant disadvantage - the lack of feedback. You can put an automated online version, like: "Press the number two, if ...", but this limits the possibilities of answers.

As for the rest, both auto call methods solve different business problems. Depending on the goals, you should choose the appropriate option from a proven outsourcing company.

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