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What to do if the sales department doesn’t sell?

How to make the sales team sell?

What efforts should be made to ensure that sales managers working in the sales department work, revealing their professionalism and skills by 100%? This question is a sharp edge for the heads of companies, enterprises and organizations of various profiles. Problems that interfere with the normal operation of the sales department engaged in the sale of company products reduce the level of profit, reduce the competitiveness of the company and narrow its development prospects.
In conditions of high competition, market leaders are those who have managed to establish competent sales management and exercise control over the work of sales employees. How to activate the resources of the department whose responsibilities include sales?

Effective recommendations for optimizing sales functions

1. In order to achieve tangible profit indicators as soon as possible due to the sale of goods, company management often prefers sales specialists who have more than 2 years of experience in their track record. But, according to the search and recruitment gurus, the most effective employee for the appointment of a sales manager is a specialist with an experience of 1-1.5 years.
This is explained by the fact that for such a period a person working in the sales department has already managed to form his own personal customer base. In addition, he is fluent in active sales techniques, has the necessary knowledge in marketing and powerful motivation for career growth.
There is another way to make the implementation department effective - type a new command:
• for the formation of the optimal structure of the sales department, 2-3 specialists with experience of 1-1.5 years + 6-7 newcomers will be required;
• a similar scheme is used in the services of well-known companies that are successful in their core segment;
• in the process, experienced "sales managers" are able to immediately identify and correct the typical mistakes of novice professionals.
2. To observe the positive dynamics of sales of goods or services, and not be content with a smooth, unchanging line of average indicators, management should often send sales managers to refresher courses. Effective results are given by internal trainings when managers with different experience share useful life hacks and cases among themselves. Professional development programs should be held regularly.
Active training and improving skills in sales is due to the fact that the sales profile is exactly that segment of the activity where you can not stop. It is recommended to allocate at least 1-2 hours a week for "professional communication of sales people", when they will exchange experiences and share applied communication techniques with customers, even the most "cold" and hopeless, at first glance.
3. In the implementation departments, it is also recommended to regularly organize scheduled meetings - "planning meetings". Within the framework of such a short communication, the head of the sales department illuminates the prospects of the coming week before subordinates, sets tasks, and gets acquainted with the opinions of employees. As a result of constructive communication, it is possible to identify problem areas in the work of the sales department, to identify growth points, to identify prospects for future activities.
Also, to improve the performance of the sales department, it is advisable to use the services of the Contact Call Contact Center. The work of call center specialists will be a significant help for sales managers. Making customer calls, operators use effective communication techniques that motivate potential customers to shop. To use the services of the contact center and discuss the prospects of fruitful cooperation, call: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +38 050 395 7755.


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