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What is a customer base and how to assemble it?

A customer base is a list of customers sorted by any particular attribute or criterion, or by several. The presence of a base is considered not only an indicator of the activity and success of a business. First of all, competent management, timely accounting and detailed analysis of this list of clients allow us to confidently and clearly conduct the right strategy in business. In addition, competent handling of the active base, where customers are gathered, can also indicate errors in the company's activities. For example, if the customer was permanent, and then disappeared, this may indicate insufficient professional work with the database.

Where does the creation of a high-quality, efficient, active database begin? What tools are used for this? How is the information received for the database structured? In the review you will find the answers to these important questions for successful marketing.

Where and how to get customer information and form a base?
Interaction with the customer always begins with an acquaintance. How to get personal data from the buyer himself, then to enter them into the database. For this, it is necessary to introduce one or several methods at once. We list the main ones:

Registration of promotional, accumulative or discount cards. You can obtain information about the client and add it to the existing database using questionnaires. For example, to activate an accumulative, bonus or discount card, a client needs to fill out a questionnaire. This method of collecting data for the database is used in supermarket chains, gas stations, shoe and clothing stores, and SPA salons. Cashiers at the cash desk issue the registration form. You can fill in the paper, which will then become the basis for the customer database, either manually or electronically by opening the appropriate application on your phone or computer.
You can get information about the client and then enter it into the database by asking him to register on the site. Today, most companies offering their services in various market sectors have their own sites. On them are placed forms for the order, involving the introduction of personal, personal data. On most web resources they are required. They can be used as the basis for the base.
Information for the TsRM list (base) can also be obtained at ordinary events involving personal contact of the company and the audience of customers. Such events include conferences, exhibitions, symposia, fairs. In a word, all those places where the target audience of the company is going and where it is possible to arrange its segmentation according to the characteristics of interest. As part of such events, customers and company representatives exchange business cards, which allows you to collect the contacts necessary to form a customer base.
Social networks also offer virtually unlimited opportunities for expanding the database and entering them in the CPM contact list. Social networks allow you to most effectively and efficiently collect contacts of potential buyers and enter them into the database. For example, if your store sells clothes, but you don't have enough customers to achieve high sales, you can add customers from a competing account to your database. If you need to attract a few dozen people, you can send them a subscription request manually. However, if the task is to recruit several thousand subscribers, you can use the service to collect the target audience.
You can expand the existing quality database with new customers by conducting surveys when making purchases. At the final stage of the sale or transaction, the client can be asked 3-5 questions about his personal data: name, contact number, age. This method of collecting the base is usually used in clothing stores, shoes, perfumes, elite alcohol, household appliances. Contacts are added to the existing database, which, as a rule, is a crm-list in the form of an Excel table.
The presence of a base of several hundred or thousands of contacts gives any company significant, tangible benefits:

development stability in accordance with the needs of customers;
quality control of customer service entered in the database;
increase customer loyalty, included in the database;
tracking the dynamics of the company;
focusing on the needs of the target audience.
If you want to competently conduct your business, relying on the opinions of customers, form and expand your base. Specialists of Contact Call contact center can help in solving this issue. Telemarketing experts possess modern, effective techniques for collecting information about personal data and will help to form and expand your contact base. You can leave a request for cooperation by calling:



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