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How to call customers

Calling customers is a modern, efficient way to interact with potential customers, find new ones and inform existing customers. Call center operators are engaged in phone calls to increase sales, notify about promotions or familiarize themselves with products. Such a service can be organized by the company or enterprise itself or the service can be on an outsourcing basis (the process can be automated through a call center).
Correct customer dialing serves as an effective sales tool, has a positive effect on the company's image, and increases customer loyalty. Illiterately organized telephone calls, incompetence of operators, at best, may not bring the expected results, at worst - harm the company's image. In order to properly organize the communication process of the call center operator and the client, to turn cold calls into warm and then hot calls, you need to adhere to a clear structure for building an effective dialogue.

The main stages of calling customers

The success of a telephone conversation requires the operator to have qualified training, developed intuition and a clear scenario. Regardless of the profile of the company, the specifics of the services offered or the product, the operator should not ring up customers in order to conduct an improvised dialogue with them. Ringing and conversation should be based on several successive stages:

  • establishing positive contact with the subscriber;
  • gradual "immersion" of the subscriber in the topic of conversation;
  • detailed presentation of the service or product;
  • answers to your questions;
  • the end of the conversation (the transaction, the purchase of goods).

Throughout the dialogue, the operator must keep the subscriber's attention at each of the listed stages. During a conversation and at the end of it a person should not have the feeling that he has lost time. On the contrary, a few minutes of dialogue should be useful, informative. The duration of each call as part of calling customers is individual and depends on the level of interest of the subscriber in the service or product, its financial status, social status, nature. The average duration of the dialogue is 5-15 minutes.
What is a warm call and the basic requirements for dialogue


A call is called warm, which is carried out among the "old" subscribers who have already ordered a service or a product of the company, may be interested in it again or previously were interested in the possibility of buying, the quality of goods. The process assumes not calls to random subscribers from the directory, but purposeful interaction with potential customers open to dialogue and further purchases.
For dialogue to produce results, it is preceded by careful work:

  • creating a base of potential customers;
  • their gradual warming up;
  • motivation for decisive action.

Making regular warm calls, the company manages to establish a lot of positive contacts through the telephone with potential clients who are likely to become real. Thus, making a warm call, the operator must provide a clear picture of the benefits of making a purchase or transaction to the subscriber, so that he can move from dialogue to action.
When performing any ringing (warm or cold), it is important to remember that the conversation must begin with the positive attitude of the operator. It is good if he has a pleasant timbre of his voice, clear diction, ability to recognize the mood of a person at the other end of the line by the nuances of his voice. After the greeting, it is imperative to ask whether the person has time to talk. If not, when it will be convenient for him to get acquainted with the information. In no case should the operator speak harshly, raise his voice, force the subscriber to take action. Regardless of the result of the conversation, the client should be accompanied gently, thanking him for his time and attention.



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