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Basic rules for choosing a call center

Transferring call center functions to an outside contractor is a profitable and convenient practice for many companies. Qualitatively organized customer support not only helps to increase revenue, but also the development of the business as a whole, attracting the target audience. However, even at the stage of the call center search, it is important to choose the right service provider company. What to pay attention to? Consider the main selection criteria and benchmarks.

Cooperation options

Call center can be organized on the terms of outsourcing and outstaffing. Both practices have taken root in modern business society, due to the simplicity of establishing work and economic benefits.
When choosing a call center on an outsourcing basis, all the functions of organizing work and setting tasks are performed by the service provider: the selection and training of personnel, the provision of equipment and software. Operators are officially registered in the staff of a third-party company, but they carry out processes aimed at meeting the needs of the client's company's business.
When choosing outstaffing operators are derived from the official state of the enterprise. Employees change employer, its role is performed by the service provider. Other than this aspect, there is no other change for employees. Tasks to ensure the business process puts them a former employer.

To understand which cooperation option to choose, it is worth assessing the differences between a call center on the terms of outsourcing and outstaffing:
labor relationship format. When choosing an outsourcing client receives the service "turnkey". Outstaffing involves the provision of operators on time;
hiring employees. When choosing an outsourcing format, the client and the contractor conclude a suborder contract. On outstaffing - employees are formalized in the contractor's firm, cooperating with the customer on the "business trip" principle;
payment. Outsourcing operators receive salary for the result of work, outstaffing - regularly receive salary, as well as when working in the company.

That is, when choosing an artist, you need to study in detail the organization of the workflow. When outsourcing, all tasks of the call center are delegated to a third-party agent, without hiring staff. And at outstaffing, employees are removed from the state, that is, the functions of the employer are transferred to the contractor.
It should be noted that in the CIS countries more often choose the service on the terms of outsourcing. The preference is due to the economic benefits for the client company.

Criteria for selecting the artist

To understand whether it is worth trusting the call center to support business processes, it is worth assessing the quality of service. The selection criteria are:
ensuring workflow. It is worth comparing the services of different companies. It is better to choose the one where the range of options is wider;
reviews. You can check among customers. It is worth choosing a company with a great track record. Typically, solid performers call companies that have worked with, you can ask about the quality of service or look for reviews online;
competence. During the discussion of the terms of cooperation, it is the supplier who should explain the subtleties of launching a project to ensure the fulfillment of business objectives: setting up a communication line, optimizing service possibilities, saving traffic, recording

IVR and customer loyalty analysis, etc.
Another criterion for choosing a call center is prices. It is important to understand that you should not be carried on offers with an unusually low price. Dumping is used to attract customers, but then there is a sharp increase in the tariff or even bankruptcy of the supplier.
In Ukraine, call center services can be ordered by ContactCall. Outsourcing center solves a wide range of tasks to support the business, increase loyalty among consumers. The company cooperates with enterprises of different fields of activity, which can be seen by studying the list of customers and partners of ContactCall.


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