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The question of a competent choice of a call center is extremely relevant for the modern business environment. The demand for the service is explained by the fact that an effective dialogue and interaction with customers, suppliers, customers forms the basic foundation for successful activity of the company, its development and future prospects. Qualified, competent operators of call centers (call centers) provide solutions for multidirectional business tasks: it is consulted before active sales.
The principle of operation of call centers is based on the routing and processing of telephone calls of subscribers according to the rules created by the user company. Thus, it is possible to effectively resolve issues over the phone, reduce the cost of calls and improve the level of customer service. It is noteworthy that from the first minutes of the call, customers do not hear the depressing sound "busy". Instead, it sounds nice music and please stay on the line until the operator is free.

Main selection criteria

To choose a reliable, modern call center that will cope with the tasks, consider the following selection criteria:
1. We study information about the call center
Since this service is most often provided on an outsourcing, remote basis, study the information about potential performers on the Internet by typing a corresponding query on Google, Yandex. On the website of the professional call center must be presented comprehensive, objective information about the services, customer list, contact details, corporate symbols, price list. Having selected several call centers that meet your requirements, go directly to the selection, calling each company and finding out the details of cooperation.
2. We act in stages
At the initial stage of negotiations, discuss with the potential contractor a small amount of work. Such a strategy will help to find out whether an outsider is ready to painstakingly approach the minimum set of tasks or there is a possibility that he can level up the shortcomings of his professionalism, hiding behind the scale of the projects. In addition, a small amount of work allows you to correct possible shortcomings, disadvantages.
3. Check the work of the call center
To select a professional artist, you can use the principle of "secret buyer". Discussing the details of cooperation, ask the representative of the company, which customers they provide outsourcing services at the moment. Having learned the information, call this company on the hotline in order to assess the professionalism of the call center by waiting time and competence of the operators.
4. Determine the budget
As practice shows, the choice of a call center, with the Executive, it is more expedient to discuss the amount of the monthly budget. Within the framework of such a dialogue, possible additional services and prices most often emerge. This will help to avoid unnecessary costs and immediately fix the budget, to provide for the upcoming costs.

What should you fear when choosing a call center?

Being in search of a performer, there is a chance to fall into the trap of dumping, since the minimum tariffs of call centers are very tempting. Most often, dumping is carried out by "young" organizations that are just starting to work in the telecommunications services market. In this case, there is a risk that the outsider has an insufficient amount of experience, and most of the business processes are in the embryonic stage, not well-established. You also need to know that a conscious lowering of tariffs in any case will lead to a sharp rise in prices for services. Therefore, it would be wiser to opt for a call center with adequate rates.
Before you use the above recommendations, determine the tasks that will be performed by the call center. The services: "hot line", customer support by phone, delivery service operators, taxi prices are different. It is also recommended that you familiarize yourself with the current rating of call centers, as the choice must be balanced and objective. Spend a few days on searching and analyzing information, thoroughly approach the choice of a performer, so that the call center services become for clients and partners another advantage of cooperation with your company.


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