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Increase sales and average bill using call center

Telemarketing is already the third dozen remains an effective source of profit for the business. Due to the fact that modern tools make it possible to make accurate customer bases and potential bases for cold dialing - using the services of call-centers is important for B2B and B2C segments:

And any other areas of activity, the task of which is to provide goods / services and obtain the corresponding profit.

The role of the call center in the receipt of profit by the company is paramount and directly affects the growth of sales.

Call Center Tasks
So, what tasks telemarketing solves and how does it affect profits:

"Cold calls.
The term is already widely known: calling on potential customers and offering favorable conditions for the purchase of goods and services of the company. Any operator can make “cold” calls — not everyone can sell.

Many companies that organize call centers within the company repeat the same mistake: on “cold” calls, new operators are taught to interact with the customer. At the same time, this type of call is one of the most difficult and can be moral dissatisfaction for the employee.

Professional outsourcing companies that provide telemarketing services know a lot of negotiation schemes with contact unmotivated to purchase, which allow you to add a positive opinion about the company, as well as attract a new client. A newbie, or an unqualified staff, will not only waste time on dialing, but may also form a negative attitude towards the company and its activities.

"Warm calls."
There are several types and all of them should be used in order to increase sales:

the return of departed customers - those who have stopped using the services of a company or buying goods. In this case, the telemarketer develops a profitable supply strategy;
notification of updates - this can be a targeted telephone call to the customer base or an additional offer during a “hot” call. The point is to convey this information as useful to the client, which she may be interested in.
There are others, but these two will be enough to increase sales with proper use of conversation patterns and training of operators.

"Hot" calls.
A client who has already passed the selection stage and is ready for a logical conclusion - a purchase. In an online store, for example, this is a user who threw goods into the basket and placed an order. It remains only to call and clarify additional information.

At this stage, you can also increase sales and the average bill per customer. To do this, you need to prepare in advance for the conversation, evaluate the shopping cart, interests and make a good offer on related products or services. Those. If the buyer places an order for the phone - it’s important to suggest a case or suitable headphones. In this case, the probability of a refusal is high, but a good discount or sensible offer increases the chances of additional sales.

Additionally, call centers are engaged in conducting surveys, post-sales calls, identifying customer needs, creating a positive image of the company, updating the customer base, etc.

The role of the call center in sales

Telemarketing operators are the link between the client and your business. The quality of negotiation, used schemes, scripts, skills will depend on the monthly profit, customer satisfaction, the number of repeated calls.

Therefore, recourse to outsourced telemarketing companies today is very important: professional operators come in a remote format to the state, close the required tasks of communication with potential and existing customers.

In such outsourcing companies as ContactCall, employees systematically undergo specialized training, sales engineering training and customer interaction. Leading experts develop call scripts for various purposes, based on a preliminary study of the business, goods (services), problems of visitors and what solutions they can get when they contact you.

As a result, the more experience and knowledge of the operator who sells your goods - the more he will be able to sell clothes, equipment, services, commodity items, etc. The option of outsourcing call-centers is relevant for both small businesses and large businesses.

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