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Hot customer base: what is it?

Hot customer base: what is it?

A customer base is a list sorted by certain criteria, an organization's database that includes information about all of its customers: regular, rare or potential. It covers information about legal entities, private clients, entrepreneurs and assumes the availability of personal data about each of them. The customer information base allows you to:
• build and successfully conduct a dialogue with buyers and customers at a constructive level, in a productive manner;
• carry out a detailed, regular analysis of the working implementation system, monitor the dynamics of sales, timely adjust it;
• maintaining the base allows you to create effective strategies for further business development, to search for the most effective tactics of the company.
The customer data base can be presented as an example of a successful tool for the development, expansion of business, the formation of new methods of interaction with customers based on already applied techniques. Marketing specialists consider the customer base one of the really working levers for business management. This is not just a list of customer data. The base, where customer information is collected, has an extensive number of opportunities for managers to work.
Like calls, customer bases are divided according to the principle of segmentation - into hot and cold. What are their differences? What techniques of working with databases are used within each of them? What difficulties exist when working with hot and cold clients? How is it recommended to overcome them?

The specifics of the hot customer base

A hot customer base is rightly considered the most enjoyable and easy among sales managers. Customers from this category openly and clearly express their interest in purchases. And they do not postpone the purchase of goods or services in the "long box", but wish to make a purchase in the near future - here and now. Naturally, all sales managers would like to deal only with a hot base, because you do not need to convince a client, motivate him to take active actions.
The work of the call center service operator or sales manager with such customers is based on the following scheme:
• as soon as the sales specialist understands the clear intention of the customer to make a purchase, it is necessary to act promptly;
• the manager's actions require quick execution of the transaction, answers to questions arising from the client;
• after making a purchase, you can familiarize yourself with additional goods or services that may interest him;
• experience shows that information on additional products motivates a person to purchase in approximately 30% of cases.
By dialing a number from the hot database and communicating with a person, some managers make a typical mistake in their work - they talk too much, ask the subscriber too many questions or try to follow a certain pattern (the so-called script). The main thing in working with customers who are ready for purchases is to act confidently, clearly and quickly.

Features cold customer base

Professionals in the field of active sales, even those who have already gained communication skills with troubled customers, are uncomfortable with the fact that they have to call subscribers from a cold base. Clients of this category are absolutely indifferent to the goods and services that the call center operator or manager offers them. Most people are not interested in this category of people. However, the problem may be that sellers do not confidently, objectively and clearly explain to people what are the advantages of the goods and services they offer.
The purpose of working with a cold base is to identify people from their vast mass who may be interested in the offered products or services. The task of managers is also to enter into a dialogue with the decision maker, having overcome the secretary, and begin to discuss the prospects of possible cooperation.

CRM - an effective method of accounting customers cold and hot base

For accounting and customer relationship management (Customer Relationship Management), the CRM system is actively used. It is based on automation algorithms that allow you to efficiently and constructively build a dialogue with customers, eliminating possible errors in the conversation. The database in the form of a central distribution center is an Excel table where customer data is located:
• by clicking on the name of the buyer from the database, a card opens in front of the operator's eyes, where the dynamics of work with the client are reflected in chronological order;
• the card contains all the information - from the first, possibly cold call, to the person making the purchase;
• The CRM system is in many ways similar to an Internet application where you can familiarize yourself with the customer's purchase history, create various documents according to the template, write letters for distribution.
When working with cold and hot clients, various principles apply. Hot ones need to be serviced as quickly as possible, quickly filling out a deal, and among cold ones Subscribers - identify those who are ready for dialogue. Contact Call Contact Center experts are fluent in communication techniques with various types of clients. To discuss the prospects of cooperation and start working with a call center, please call: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +38 050 395 7755.


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