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Outsourcing contract

How to conclude an outsourcing contract?

By entrusting the processing of incoming calls, telephone calls and telemarketing to call center personnel, the company significantly saves its financial resources, and its employees are not "burdened" with additional responsibilities in the field of it and telephone service. One of the main factors for the success of telephone service outsourcing is a well-written contract, which reflects the main points and nuances of the interaction of the contact center in the role of contractor and organization in the role of client.
The level of control over the activities of the call center managers, the good faith in the provision of the outsourcing service and the interest of both entities in the fulfillment of their immediate obligations depend on the accuracy of the contract. How to thoroughly carry out the preparation for the registration of the contract for outstaffing, focusing on important points and not forget the small details?

What needs to be done before signing an outsourcing contract?

The more detailed and detailed you think about the requirements for the work of the call center personnel, draw up an indicative telemarketing plan and formulate key areas, the easier and more understandable it will be to interact with the call center management. It is logical that the more transparent and clearer you see the goals of outsourcing, the clearer it will be to convey them to the contact center managers. Having an understanding of the approximate key areas of service for your company in outsourcing, you will be able to objectively indicate them in the contract, ensuring their faithful performance by the personnel of the contact center.
Before drawing up the contract for carrying out activities in the framework of outsourcing, it is necessary to determine the important nuances of work:


  1. What is the main concept of telephone support service operators? Based on the specifics of your company, you can choose two service formats. The first is when simple outsourcing calls are received by simple call-center operators, and the second is when pre-trained personnel are engaged in servicing calls in order to thoroughly orient themselves in the specifics of your business.
  2. The contract should reflect whether the call center operators will need assistance from the company's employees.
  3. Will contact center personnel deal with a CRM system? If so, which customers and buyers will be in priority.
  4. Where will the client base be located: in your company or directly in a call center?
  5. The contract for telephone outsourcing indicates the most preferable schedules for working with subscribers. This may be round-the-clock support in 24/7 format or service according to a specific, predetermined schedule. Such questions should be coordinated with the commercial department of your organization in order to allocate an optimal budget for outsourcing.


At the stage of preparation for signing the contract, it is also necessary to determine the approximate number of telephone calls per day. Interestingly, based on the specifics of the pricing of outsourcing services, the cost of servicing a hotline at different call centers may vary significantly. In addition, at the preparatory stage, which precedes the signing of the contract, the company-customer needs to study the specifics and schemes by which the chosen call-center operates.

What important points are indicated in the contract?

  • In a typical outsourcing contract, the situation of the "transfer" of important, hot clients from the call center operators to the personnel managers of your company is necessarily stipulated. In practice, it looks like this:
  • during the dialogue, the contact center operator was able to interest the potential buyer with an attractive offer for the purchase of goods or the use of services;
  • at this stage, the role of the operator ends, and he "transfers" the client to the company's employees, so that they can continue to interact with the buyer competently and objectively;
  • Prompt notification of the company's employees about the VIP client significantly increases the chances of making a purchase of goods or services;
  • In order to avoid a slow response, the contract must specify the time during which the operator must transfer the customer data to the company employee.


Usually sending information about such a subscriber, the transfer of data conversations and its key points takes 3-5 minutes. For the efficiency of interaction with customers, the data transfer process is automated and occurs in one or two clicks.
The outsourcing contract should also cover the contact center quality control issues. The specified points for controlling the call center employees stimulate operators to carry out the work in good faith, feeling themselves to be part of the client company. In order to avoid "jambs", the contract should indicate the name and position of the contact center employees who will be responsible for the activities of the operators. It is preferable to control their work from two sides: a manager from a call center and an employee of your company. A mutual control process will help maintain a high level of customer service within outsourcing.
Despite the fact that the contract for the provision of services in the format of outsourcing is typical, it should contain clauses about the specifics and scope of the company, scripts (scenarios) for the dialogue with clients should be specified and deadlines for each task should be specified. An objective understanding of the telephone customer service process allows the company management to avoid mistakes when entering into an outsourcing contract.


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