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What is a cloud call center?

Cloud call center (Cloud Сontact сenter) - is a virtual environment within which you can solve and perform a wide range of various tasks:

  • Receive and process incoming calls
  • make calls
  • implement telemarketing tools;
  • increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
When organizing cloud call centers, cloud (cloud) technologies are used when the software is located on remote servers. The call center, created on the basis of a multifunctional cloud platform, allows you to work continuously with minimal costs. In addition to financial benefits, the cloud-based solution has other significant advantages,
1. Fast adoption
Compared to conventional call centers, cloud counterparts are much more quickly and easily commissioned. If a standard call-center: from its development to implementation, it takes one month to work, now setting up a cloud service system takes one week - a maximum. In addition, a modern solution provides a new level of customer service, increases the flexibility of the company.
2. The possibility of individual work with each subscriber
The automatic algorithm, according to which the distribution of signals from subscribers is carried out, sends a call to a specialist who is competent in the issue that the subscriber is contacting.
3. Increase in labor productivity of call center operators
Cloud technologies significantly optimize the process of operators:
  • form personal queues from clients;
  • display manager status: ready / not ready;
  • make it possible to manage the operator's workload;
  • record conversations with subscribers;
  • create detailed reports on the work of the operator and customers.
4. Successful dialing of subscribers
As a rule, a cloud service involves several modes of making calls to customers. Due to this, it is possible to carry out the maximum possible number of calls, manage them effectively and get the expected, positive results. Important VIP customers can be configured to make return calls.
5. Automatic Secretary
The autoinformer function successfully integrates with the information bases of telephone numbers, creates a voice menu. As part of the first conversation, the subscriber's information is accumulated in the module in order to create optimal routing for the interlocutor during subsequent calls.
6. Budget communication platform.

In ordinary call centers, a significant portion of the financial resources is spent on maintaining the reliability of the software and technological equipment. A cloud contact center allows you to significantly save and maintain the equipment at a high level, as these obligations are assumed by the provider. Cloud solutions provide reliable communication at no extra cost.

The Contact Call call center does not offer cloud services, but we provide services such as:

We provide reliable service, guarantee ease of use of equipment, excellent connection quality. Cooperating with us, you also get qualified technical support, detailed analytics of the call center, the ability to use modern software to promote your business. For cooperation in organizing a call center, call: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +38 050 395 77 75.


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