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Cold calls, phone sales techniques

The name cold call fully reflects the essence of this type of dialogue on the phone. The subscriber does not wait for a call, may not be interested in the offered service or product, or he does not have time for a detailed dialogue with the operator. With a competent, balanced approach, a cold call can be transformed into a "warm" one, making it an effective tool for actively selling goods or services.
The purpose of the first such treatment is not the immediate conclusion of the transaction or sale. The conversation involves informing the person about the advantages of the company, the action being carried out, the interesting commercial offer. In the first minutes of cold calling, you need to talk about the profile of your company and how your offer can be useful to a potential buyer located at the other end of the telephone line. The optimal duration of a cold bell is 2-5 minutes. If the dialogue continues for a longer time, then the likelihood of a personal meeting decreases.

The main stages of communication

Before starting a cold call, tune in to communication. Try not to load yourself with negative thoughts about refusal. Speak confidently, clearly, clearly. A smile on the face and a positive attitude are positively perceived at the other end of the wire. The correct emotional background will give the voice a soft sound, will have to further dialogue. The cold call technique is carried out according to the script - the main scenario. It involves the following steps:
• secretary bypass;
• access to the employee authorized to make decisions;
• presentation of the company;
• identification of customer needs;
• accepting objections, answering questions;
• making a personal meeting.
The main task of a cold call is not to sell, but to establish trusting contacts with potential buyers, to "break the ice", so that a person without your help will have a desire to act. Before you start calling, ask about the nuances of the business of the company to which you want to offer a product or service, as awareness of its activities will help make the conversation more "warm".

The nuances of the conversation

An example of a competent cold call involves the inclusion of the client in the dialogue. The interaction between you and the subscriber should not resemble a presentation monologue. When a potential client is involved in a conversation, he feels that he is a full-fledged participant in the communication process, he feels that you are interested in him. Even if you do not have time to fully make a presentation of the proposal, and the client agrees to a personal meeting - this will be a successful end of the dialogue.
The response of a person that he does not have time to talk is a common situation during cold calls. It is a mistake to perceive such an answer as a refusal, because this is an objection. Say that you understand the situation and set up a personal meeting for the presentation of services or products. In some cases, potential customers are willing to make such a decision. Sometimes you can immediately inform the subscriber that your company is ready to become its supplier and offer time for a personal meeting to discuss the details of a possible partnership.
Beginning sales staff consider a cold call to be a pointless call to potentially uninterested subscribers. But experienced employees know that the stability of active sales can only be achieved by calling at least 300 subscribers with whom an effective telephone conversation took place. In addition, each new dialogue adds confidence to the employee, he begins to intuitively feel the person's mood, understanding which conversation (scenario) is best applied in the current situation.


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