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Common mistakes during cold calls

Cold calls are the most difficult to perform, but one of the most effective methods of forming a high-quality customer base. Using telemarketing in their arsenal of cold, difficult to execute calls, managers face a number of difficulties. And the point is not only that customers express absolute indifference to the offered goods, service or products. Often, the effectiveness of cold calls, calls reduce the managers themselves and operators. What mistakes and shortcomings do managers demonstrate when they conduct a dialogue with cold clients and make such calls?

When a manager makes a call and conducts a dialogue with a person on the other end of the line, he often starts a conversation with the words: "Hello, it bothers you ...". Regardless of who the operator is talking to: with a private client - from the sphere of b2c or with the person making the decision - from the sphere of b2b, it does not need to start a dialogue. You do not bother, but do your work by making a call. So just introduce yourself. This is the first rule of cold, hot and warm calls.
 The manager making the call speaks only about his company - this is a mistake. Most scripts, of course, contain recommendations that the manager should provide information about the company, but still it is not worthwhile to "load" the subscriber. Regardless of whether it is cold, warm or hot.
While making a call, you should not ask "unnecessary" questions, show excessive curiosity. Examples of successful cold calls suggest open-ended questions to clarify in detail the problems and needs of customers. To do this, it is recommended to use a funnel of questions designed for cold calls.
When calling a cold database, refrain from the temptation to answer your own questions during calls. If asked a question, wait for an answer. This recommendation is especially relevant if the operator making a cold call uses the "cascade of questions" technique during a call.
Using sales tactics in cold calls, you need to be prepared that the transaction will not succeed from the first call. In the vast majority of cold cases, this is true. According to statistics, only after 6-7 stable calls to the same potential client, can we outline the prospect of further actions. But this rule applies to goods and services at a budget level. If the product or service category is above the average or "elite", then the transaction cycle is even longer. This must be taken into account when making cold and other calls.
Experienced marketers and active sales managers recommend that you do not "answer" - send a commercial offer. You must be prepared for such a turn in the framework of cold communication. Provide your objection to this argument that the client can now receive an answer to a question of interest. In addition, a request for a commercial offer to be sent in case of cold calls can be considered as a refusal.
A negative particle is not and an abundance of abusive expressions should not be present in the vocabulary of a sales manager. Making calls and conducting a dialogue in this way, the specialist, by his manner of speaking, reduces the value of the transaction, unknowingly reduces the merits of the product, does not motivate him to buy. Moreover, such a style of communication, even within the framework of one call, is far from business etiquette and dialogue norms accepted in the business environment.
At the end of the conversation, even if it's cold, the manager should not say - sorry for the trouble. Also, when making a cold call, you must avoid the phrase: "Our communication will not take much time." If the client is currently limited in time, then a call or a personal meeting is better to transfer to a convenient time.
Contact Call Contact Center specialists do not make such errors when calling customers. Perfectly mastering cold sales techniques, operators bring a tangible effect to the business in the form of new customers. If your business is interested in promoting telemarketing techniques (in particular, cold calls), call: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +380503957775 to discuss the prospects of cooperation and start fruitful work.


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