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The advantages of staff outstaffing: the pros and cons of services

The dynamics of business development requires constant activity, red tape, the formation and organization of work of all departments, data collection, tracking and analysis of results and so on. At such a pace, business automation is an important factor in efficiency and labor. In the market of modern services, two directions of office optimization are popular:

There is a difference between them: when outsourcing, the company delegates specific tasks to the contractor with payment for the result. Outstaffing is the optimization of time spent on personnel workflow, without monthly payroll and other additional tasks. The service is concluded in that the staff or a specific department is taken out of the official place of work, they change the official employer to the outstaffing company, which assumes responsibility for maintaining all the necessary documentation and personnel reports. But for employees, nothing changes: the actual place of work, responsibilities - everything remains as it was.

Outstaffing advantages

The growing popularity of this service is due to several advantages:

  • optimization of business processes: non-core tasks are derived from the firm, personnel records management, related tasks, including recruitment - this outstaffer company can also assume this responsibility;
  • savings - reduced maintenance costs of staff, maintenance of staff for these purposes, minimized costs;
  • delegation of responsibility - when checking an inspection, if there are personnel violations, considerable fines may be imposed on a legal entity (company or company); when transferring staff to outstaffing, you shift all legal and other responsibility for personnel to another company, which also conducts communication with regulatory authorities in case of such need;
  • responsibility for labor relations with employees are transferred to the area of ​​responsibility of the outstaffing company;
  • no problems with foreign personnel - they work for you, and all the necessary documents and reports for the migration service are prepared by the outstaffer company;
  • minimization of taxes - reserve the status of a small business; the fewer employees are in the company, the lower the tax rate;
  • Attracting investors - with the official staff (and unofficially - in an outstaffing company), economic indicators per employee increase, which is an important indicator in presenting the company's achievements and efficiency to potential investors.

Cons outstaffing

There are risks of using this service:

The complexity of communication.
This question should be solved, stipulated and prescribed in the contract at the negotiation stage. Since the quality of communication will depend on the quality of communication, the timeliness of solving current tasks.

The perception of the team.
Employees who are transferred to an outstaffing system may perceive it negatively, lose their motivation, and neglect their duties. It is important that when reissuing, they retain all the benefits and advantages of official staff members.

Let's sum up:
The transition to the outstaffing system is a modern opportunity to minimize the costs of maintaining and maintaining personnel documentation, solving issues with the selection, execution and dismissal of workers, the ability to unload valuable workers from untargeted tasks. In addition, this type of cooperation allows us to hire temporary, seasonal workers, performers for specific tasks without unnecessary complications.

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