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5 reasons for poor sales

Sales indicators are one of the main, significant criteria for the success of any business. Whatever the company or store does: the sale of goods, the provision of services, and consulting services, it is the volume of sales that makes it possible to judge whether the business of the company is successful or not. To maintain stability and growth of this indicator, three components are important:

  • high quality products or services;
  • competence of sales managers;
  • their interest and strong motivation.


Why, in some cases (with the high quality of goods and services) do managers sell poorly? What are the objective reasons for this? How to fix, correct this bad, disastrous trend for commercial success? How to increase staff motivation to increase sales so that it does not disappear?
Sellers do not know well the products sold. When the implementation goes well, this is one of the obvious indicators that managers understand the features and properties of the goods being sold. Experienced sellers know the slightest nuances regarding product specifications. Therefore, their practical experience and mentoring are necessary for novice managers who need to be gradually introduced to the information without overloading them. It's great if the company has a plan for adapting new sales managers. If not, such a strategy needs to be developed.
Sellers do not know or know, but poorly apply sales techniques. In each area of ​​the sale of goods or the provision of services, there are specific sales techniques. At insurance companies, household appliances stores, perfumery boutiques, the techniques are different. To maintain sufficient indicators of sales of products or services, it is recommended to use the method of "identifying customer needs." Managers need to learn how to do it competently, delicately, unobtrusively. Skillful skills in identifying customer needs will exclude a sharp transition from greeting to presentation in dialogs "seller-buyer", making it natural and smooth. To test the competence of managers, it will be great to arrange small practical tasks once or twice a month. Trainings, seminars, master classes in the relevant area will also benefit.
Sales managers underestimate goods. To achieve significant indicators of sales of products / services, it is not good to know their characteristics. You yourself need to understand the benefits, benefits of acquiring goods and transmit this "message" to potential buyers. It is especially important to explain this to beginners, so that they clearly know what customer needs the product closes, what benefit it brings.
Managers do not have time. How can such a paradoxical, at first glance, situation arise? Sometimes sellers are not occupied with their direct responsibility - sales, but with additional, secondary functions: receiving goods, processing them, replacing price tags, answering calls ... Other employees should be involved in routine, distracting operations. Otherwise, the sales rate will be low, and the reason for this is the illiterate distribution of responsibilities in the team.

Routine processes are not automated

Inadequate computerization in business leads to the fact that many operations are performed manually:

  • filling out contracts;
  • lack of templates for writing letters, advertising mailings;
  • manually dialing phone numbers.

The solution to each of the tasks takes several minutes, but if the operations are not automated, then this process takes up a significant part of the manager's working day. So that sales figures do not fall, and sellers' motivation does not decrease, it is recommended to use the CRM-system - Customer Relationship Management - "customer relationship management". The system helps employees instantly process customer requests, effectively conduct advertising campaigns, generate reports according to various criteria
If the level of sales in your company has fallen - this is not a reason to panic, it is a signal to take effective, modern measures to rectify the situation. Contact Call Contact Center experts perfectly master direct telephone sales techniques and tools, skillfully combining them in practice. To verify the benefits of our offer and increase the sales of your company, please contact us by phone: +38 0 800 21 01 65, +38 050 395 77 75.


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