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Call center operator. Who is this and what is he eating?

Having worked as an operator of a telephone line for more than two years, I can more confidently consider myself an expert in this profession. If you are just going to do this activity, then my experience will definitely be useful to you.
The first thing you should pay attention to is the operator of which line you want to become. There are two types of them: incoming and outgoing.
The incoming line is when the customers call themselves on the line. This service is currently very popular, as the telephone line of support has any serious online stores. Customers call themselves and ask about the product or order it in phone mode. The advisory line is also available at banking institutions, cellular operators, Internet providers, etc.

Call center for small and medium businesses

Any business, whether small and large, constantly having to deal with two types of problems: internal and external. The irony lies in the fact that representatives of both small businesses and medium size companies have in this fight to rely solely on internal resources, which are limited. The worst scenario for these companies is the general decline in sales on the market - in this case, no marketing tricks do not help, and you have to spend all strategic reserves and reduce costs.

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